The sins of Greenwashing

Hopefully all your Christmas wishes came true and you did spend quality time with your loved ones. We at 5them enjoyed it among our friends and families. Now is also time for New Year’s resolution –or not, if you rather pursue goals throughout the year. Whichever side you stand on this debate – here is something to think about for the New Year coming up.

GREENWAHSING – verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.

“Greenwashing” – especially for everyday household items, is an important topic. And to make this topic a bit less dry – here is a little game you can try to test your knowledge:

This game lists common “sins” that have been through fully studied and documented in the report ( The results are shocking: “More than 95% of consumer products claiming to be green were found to commit at least one of the “Sins of Greenwashing””. This includes kid’s toys, cleaning products, beauty products etc. Basically a huge industry and something we are confronted every day. As consumers we have a responsibility to “vote” with our money and not just “blame” the big corporations. I was really surprised when I did the quiz above on how little I was aware of the effect of greenwashing and started to pay more attention and going to a small trusted grocery store close by where the owner can be found in the store to answer questions about the products and he selects each product with a very high standards towards environmental consciousness. (if you’re from Edmonton: check out “earth general store” and the products offered there)

How about you? Have you been aware of “greenwashing”? do you have any recommendations? Or maybe produce your own products for cleaning etc? What do you think about the “Eco-Labels” mentioned in the report?

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From all of us at the 5them Team to you – wishing you a fantastic start in the New Year and to stay in touch for new exiting projects to come in 2018

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