Airdrie entrepreneurs have big projects.

A group of Airdrie entrepreneurs is busy bringing to life its vision of a new neighborhood that would meet high standards of sustainable development. Sylvie-Anne Roy is co-owner of the company with her husband Stéphane Théorêt.She points out that the population of Airdrie is growing very rapidly and that house prices are high. The Sustainable Neighborhood Project would provide affordable mini-dwellings and include initiatives in urban agriculture and renewable energy.

Sylvie-Anne Roy and Stéphane Théoret launched the company’s 5th element, which makes

it possible to build a neighborhood that meets sustainable development standards in Airdrie.

Photo: Sylvie-Anne Roy

Author: Stephane

3 thoughts on “Airdrie entrepreneurs have big projects.

  1. Hi Erica, what kind of business do you think, it is certain in a project such as ours, the people who will remain on the community will have the first choice to have a business on it, then after that the local entrepreneurs and really proximity will have the opportunity to do business.

    Some criteria will also be established, the kind of business will have to be sustainable and in respect with nature of course! (No gas station example). We will also have a partnership to provide financial support for these local businesses. You can always contact us, if you want to discuss of your ideas.

    Good evening!

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