Electric Bus

The first electric bus in North America

Montréal officially launched, for the first time, the use of an electric bus. May 24th was the official date of this true innovation within the city. Montréal has embarked on a program called “Mobility City’’ with the main goal of “electrifying’’ all transportation systems in the city. This program started in 2015 for the first time in Europe, in Sweden to be precise : a pioneering country in terms of sustainable development. The project was successful in this country because the result was amazing with 80% reduction of greenhouse gases in the country.

Photo par : electricite-plus.com
Montreal Urban Transit has rushed to realize this project and has made available to the Montrealers, 3 electric buses and on their lines there are charging stations. Several perspectives are forthcoming. A great advantage that Québec is one of the first producers of electrical energy in North America. Its richness in hydrography and in wind farms allows to produce more or less clean energy. Thus, Québec continues to improve to contribute to the fight against global warming.

Hanene Laouar

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