Vision Part.1

5th element

5th Element Core Design Principles

At 5th element management we have certain core design principles that lead our creative process and development in each project. So in 3 parts over the next weeks we want to write a bit about each principles and look forward to hear your feedback on it – So here we go:

Integrated Design.

Western Population is getting older and by 2050 200% of the amount of the people will be over 65 years old The principles of a “design for all” consider the needs for every person (with or without disabilities, parent with young children, teenagers, elderly, different origin, culture etc) and designs for diversity and integration in buildings and urban planning to give everyone the freedom and safety to navigate through public space with ease.


Our cities are built around cars, and the dependence on transportation mainly powered by oil needs to change. The landscape of our city structures will change and vehicles have to make the shift to electric power and offer more public transportation in dense spots. Concepts like car sharing, infrastructure for electric cars, and ecological means of transportation are an important factor in our developments.


Expenditure on health is booming and studies show that we’re walking as little as an average of four minutes a day Not only are we sedentary, but we’ve chosen a life that is increasingly lived indoors. Urban planning needs to encourage human movement and physical activity. By promoting bike lanes, offering fun outdoor facilities, sport recreation, green parks and lakes we encourage movement back into the everyday life of our citizen.

This sums up the first part of this blog post. How do you feel about the topics presented? Are they met within your direct environment? Do you want to discuss them further? We can’t wait to show you some designs that represent our core values – so stay tuned.

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